AXL Inu Goes Big, Unveils the AXL Pad to Host IDOs for Emerging Projects and Listing on MEXC Global

Features of IDO Platform

AXL Launchpad

AXL launchpad will be capable of operating on any coin as a tier token, allowing other projects to have their own launchpad. All they have to do is implement a smart contract, and the entire tier structure will be their own currency.

AXL Launchpad Tier System

The launchpad tier mechanism is configured in such a way that $AXL and $NFTB holders with a larger balance will be able to take advantage of additional benefits.

Staking Protocol

AXL platform will offer 2 plans for the staking protocol.

  1. A flexible plan with staking period of 1,3,6, and 12 months, with flexible APR and no pool limit.
  1. 2 Flexible: AXL and NFTB


Asser Fawzi, CEO and Co Founder of AXL INU, is also excited about the AXL Kickstarter.


Because most project owners do not have an MM staff to help them in liquidating their tokens or selling some for development, AXL created the Activities function.

AXL Backstory

The AXL project was initiated with the objective of providing decentralized solutions for businesses and individuals. The AXL platform can address a significant issue that exchanges encounter, by utilising the Poly network bridge.

AXL Ecosystem

AXL ecosystem’s primary features include:

Decentralized Exchange:

A DEX aggregator that finds the best pricing for your DEX deals. AXL splits your trade across multiple DEXs along their Liquidity Pool to ensure the best pricing and the least amount of slippage.


Individuals are welcome to use the AXL NFT platform. This enables minting AXL INU digital art.


To receive rewards and transaction fees, AXL token holders can stake their tokens in Staking Pools. Staking indirectly serves to support the system.

Lend & Borrow:

AXL will develop a decentralized money market platform that will use the blockchain’s speed, automation, and security to effectively and securely link lenders and borrowers while earning incentives.

IDO Launchpad:

AXL Pad will allow cryptocurrency projects to launch an IDO and distribute tokens.

Repurchase & Burn:

All transaction and IDO fees will be used to repurchase and burn $AXL.

Successful IDO on NFTb and Pre-Sale

On December 28 2021, AXL INU completed its IDO on NFTb by using the platform’s DeFi as a service offering. The IDO was completed in one minute, making it one of the quickest IDOs ever completed on NFTb.

AXL Vision:

Numerous users were thrilled by the tremendous outcomes of the pre-sale and IDO, prompting AXL to expand faster and offer even more possibilities to its investors. ALX INU is offering a staking programme and launchpad to entice investors and provide them the opportunity to earn even more profit.



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Axl Token

Axl Token

Axl is a Decentralized exchange that will support Liquidity Providing, Yield Farming, Staking, Launching IDO, NFT and Lending & Borrow.