AXL token? Yes!

The AXL token will be the native means of conducting transactions on the AXL platform for users. A particular use case would be for the AXL Launchpad program; for users to participate in an upcoming project, they will have to stake AXLs to be eligible for participation. Projects hoping to be listed on our Launchpad page will also be required to pay fees in AXLs.

Major features the AXL token will have are:

- Freeze: Freezing involves having AXL tokens locked therefore preventing access or certain functions to the tokens such as token transfer.

- Vote: Users can now vote depending on how many AXL tokens they have in their wallets.

- Proposal Creation: If a user has the required amount of tokens stored in their wallet, there is a feature that allows anyone with enough AXL tokens to make proposals and help them participate in certain governance acts or functions.

- Liquidity points (LP): Providing liquidity to a certain pair will give users the opportunity to earn a share of the fees generated from the trading activities that occur on the pair from the onset of the liquidity provisioning.



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Axl Token

Axl Token

Axl is a Decentralized exchange that will support Liquidity Providing, Yield Farming, Staking, Launching IDO, NFT and Lending & Borrow.