Elf Matrix to Complete IDO on AXL Launchpad on June 15

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3 min readJun 6, 2022


AXL Inu x Elf Matrix

AXL is delighted to inform the community that Elf Matrix (EMT), a P2E NFT game built on BSC & Polygon that enables users to train their pets to fight and win rewards, has chosen to complete an IDO on AXL.

Elf Matrix — A Play-to-Earn NFT Game on BSC & Polygon

Elf Matrix’s visuals and gameplay are inspired by classics like CryptoKitties and Pokemon. Players will be immersed in an ancient and mysterious alien planet called Matrix, where they can summon and collect cute elves, and battle with them to earn crypto rewards. Additionally, players can own NFT land plots in the Matrix to build their own elven kingdom, where they can get rare resources and tokens.

Elf or Elves

Elves are adorable and intelligent creatures living in Matrix. They used to be silent life elements, which were activated later by crystal shards with mystical energy. They have special skills and are on a mission to protect the Matrix.

  • Elf Element: The Elf Matrix team initially launched six types of Elf Element, namely Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Thunder.
  • Elf Body: Every Elf has six body parts (Ears, Eyes, Head, Horns, Mouth, Tail) and a body-color (determined by Elf Element), with each body part, carrying two genes (Dominant and Recessive).
  • Elf Status: The status of an Elf consists of four dimensions: Health, Speed, Skill and Morale.


Elf Matrix’s gameplay consists of the following features:

  • Adventure (PVE): Adventure means you are battling against AI, namely Player vs Environment (PVE).
  • Arena (PVP): Arena means you are battling against other players, namely Player vs Player (PVP).
  • Summoning: The summoning system is a big part of the Elf Matrix universe. It is how new Elves are created. Newly summoned Elves can be used for battling and earning.


A web-based in-house trade marketplace will be a crucial part of the Elf Matrix ecosystem, which enables players to buy and sell Elves, lands, and other items freely and conveniently.


Matrix is divided into tokenized plots of land which act as bases for Elves. Land-owners might find tokens on their land plots, or use the Elves that occupy the land plot to explore tokens and potentially other resources.

Going forward, the development team will turn Matrix into an Open World with a focus on user-generated content. Players will be able to create games using the Matrix SDK and place these games on land that they own.

How to Participate

The IDO will take place on AXL Launchpad on June 15, 2022. To participate in the IDO, users will need to stake in AXL’s Tiered Model.

Further details on how the IDO will work on AXL and the exact time of launch will be released in the upcoming announcements.

About Elf Matrix

Elf Matrix is a Play-to-Earn NFT Game that is being built on BSC & Polygon for nearly instant transactions with almost no fees. It will be playable in App form, launching on PC, Mac, Android, and eventually on IOS. All in-game items and creatures will be blockchain-based tokens and NFTs.

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