Gravis Finance to Complete IDO on AXL Launchpad on March 29

AXL is delighted to inform the community that Gravis Finance ($GRVS), a unique gamified ecosystem that unites DeFi with the Gmart NFT marketplace for in-game assets and the highly anticipated online game — Evervoid, has opted to complete an IDO on AXL.

Gravis Finance — A Breakthrough Gamified DeFi Ecosystem

Gravis Finance intends to deliver maximum comfort and profitability to all users through balanced tokenomics, two tokens woven smoothly into the ecosystem, and a precisely defined economic model. Gravis Finance’s goal is to provide users with a tool for generating basic income in cryptocurrency.

The primary features of the Gravis Finance ecosystem include:

  • Evervoid: A groundbreaking game that is expected to be launched on mobile devices in 2022, with a well-balanced economy, vivid graphics, and unique ecosystem elements. Evervoid is being developed as a community-driven project, with users being able to develop game mechanics, build asteroids for farming, and even whole worlds in the Gravis Finance Universe.
  • Gmart: The first NFT marketplace for gaming assets, “STEAM” on the blockchain. Users can buy and sell their favorite NFT assets from any game on any blockchain. Gravis Finance is expected to launch Gmart on mobile devices in the second quarter of 2022.
  • Gswap: AMM DEX multichain which combines high functionality with a simple interface and advanced DeFi functions: Liquidity Migration from other exchanges, Staking, Yield farming, Auto-farming, etc. By using a cross-chain bridge, users can quickly move assets from one blockchain network to another. Gswap uses its own blockchain nodes to quickly process transactions and orders.

How to Participate

The IDO will take place on AXL Launchpad on March 29, 2021. To participate in the IDO, users will need to stake in AXL’s Tiered Model.

Further details on how the IDO will work on AXL and the exact time of launch will be released in the upcoming announcements.

About Gravis Finance

Gravis is a unique multi-chain and cross-chain ecosystem of Everoid free-to-play P2E strategy, Gmart NFT marketplace for game assets, and Gswap multi-chain DEX with 1 click liquidity migration, ERC20, and NFT bridge.

Gravis Finance aims to provide ultimate comfort and profitability to the users by providing all the necessary instruments for managing crypto assets on any chain. A simple bridge between several blockchains eliminates hefty commissions, and smart farming technology enhances earnings above other projects.

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About AXL Inu

AXL INU is being developed as a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the Ethereum Chain (ETH) and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), enabling liquidity provision, yield farming, staking, launching IDOs, NFT, and lending & borrowing.

AXL works hard to encourage, grow, and promote the listing of new and breakthrough projects. The AXL launchpad enables emerging creative projects to demonstrate their ideas to the community while also garnering support, attention, and investment.

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Axl is a Decentralized exchange that will support Liquidity Providing, Yield Farming, Staking, Launching IDO, NFT and Lending & Borrow.

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Axl Token

Axl is a Decentralized exchange that will support Liquidity Providing, Yield Farming, Staking, Launching IDO, NFT and Lending & Borrow.

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