Interview with AXL INU CEO

Axl Token
3 min readJan 6, 2022

1. What motivated you to start your company?

We wanted to create an ecosystem that provided a seamless and easy experience providing all our services and more opportunities for our community, building it together and stronger.

2. What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

We are focusing on building our LaunchPad, Staking Program, Activities and Kick Starter feature.

3. Can you explain your project to me as someone with no background or experience in that area?

With AXL INU we built a fully decentralized exchange, which essentially means our exchange is built on automated smart contracts, which provided accessibility to you, our user, along with more security and control over your account.

4. Does the project actually solve a real-world problem?

Our decentralized exchange is way less vulnerable to exploits and hacking, we provide more control to our users on their assets, we have less charges and fees, making it an all over a secure and easy experience, solving people’s concerns and problems with their customer journey.

In AXL INU we believe that any great project is built on solving problems in a realistic way for users, and this is how we work around that:

Our AXL LaunchPad is not just any LaunchPad, it will be able to have operations on any kind of coin as a Tier Token. So for example, if Shiva wants to have its own LaunchPad, it can have it normally, all that needs to be done: deploy a smart contract, then all the tier system will be Shiba.

In AXL INU we will launch with 2 tokens: AXL and NFTb as tier Tokens, and 4 staking pools.
As in:
2 Fixed > AXL and NFTb
2 Flexible > AXL and NFTb

In addition to that, we have Kickstarter ( )

After passing the due diligence, new startups will be able to raise up to 30K in a Private Round. Each Participant will be able to buy up to 50$, in total 600 users.

By this we are solving various problems, as most new projects and great ideas have no liquidity to start so they don’t even get a chance to launch.

We provide security, as all the Payments will be through us.

We also provide Activities,
As most of project owners doesn’t have an MM team that helps them in liquidating their tokens or selling some for development, so we came up with the Activities feature to solve that.

It will help the projects sell up to 300K worth of tokens, at a discounted price and provide a lottery for winning a prize “Tokens”.

Each Participant will be able to take up to 150$.

In AXL INU we push projects for further development, raise Non-initial funds, give exposure for projects. Successfully we have partnered with NFTb for our NFT projects.

Some of our honourable recent collaborations: for token listing “After IDO” for compliance

and Cross Marketing with

With all our successful partnerships and collaborations, it’s just the start for AXL INU and its community.

5. What’s the hardest decision you’ve made so far?

In building AXL INU we didn’t face any small and easy decisions; due to the nature of the project, along the way every decision was taken into great consideration as to how it will benefit our community, and in testament to that our community and user-base is now growing by the day, and our partnerships as well.



Axl Token

Axl is a Decentralized exchange that will support Liquidity Providing, Yield Farming, Staking, Launching IDO, NFT and Lending & Borrow.